Local Woman Wins Big on Canadian Online Casino

Oshawa Cashier is awarded $250,000 and makes big life changes.

BEAVER NEWS STAFF / July 16, 2024 9:14 a.m. / LOCAL NEWS
Margaret Prince holds winnings cheque with a smile. (Courtesy of Starlight Casino)

A woman from Oshawa calls is a “dream come true” after winning $250,000 while playing slots on the online casino, Starlight.

According to Margaret Prince, she had signed up to play on Starlight casino just to pass the time.

“We were in the middle of the pandemic and I so was bored at home. I used to go the casino almost every Friday with my girlfriends and I was missing it. My daughter told me about an online casino and I thought, what the heck, I might as well try it out.”

Margaret, a married mother of two, had no idea that she could ever win that big on an online casino.

“I would play occasionally just for fun. I only ever played the slots though I did see there were card games available too. One evening after work, I didn’t to play one of the $0.05 slots and after a few minutes I saw $250,000 on my screen.”

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Shocked...Wright showed her husband Gary who told her was a scam and it was non sense. Luckily, Joanne decided to investigate herself. She contacted Starlight Casino and they confirmed her winnings.

“I didn’t let myself believe it until we got the cheque Wednesday.”

Wright has been working as a receptionist for a law firm for the last 18 years and has big plans for her winnings. Wright plans to put some money away for her children’s education.

“It gives my family the opportunity to live some of our goals. My husband is a hard working carpenter that helps other people create their own dream home. Now we can use this money to renovate and create a dream home of our own. We also will use this money so we can retire early and explore the beauty of Canada in our RV.”

She also mentioned that once it is safe to gather she plans on having celebration party with her family and friends.

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